Message posted on 30/11/2022

CFF: Riga Pasaules Film Festival

Friends & Colleagues,

A reminder that the Call for Films for the 10th Riga Pasaules Film Festival closes on December 16 2022.

The theme for the 2023 Riga Pasaules Film Festival is Love. We seek films that respond to the experience of Love. We ask what it means to know from Love, to understand through Love. Our approach is informed by the view that sees Love as an existential position that recognises creative agency in every individual. In this position, “to love” describes the urge to create something with another. We want to examine this process of “creating something with another” through cinema. What is implied in this position, what are its aesthetic considerations and what is the viewer’s role?

We are interested in examining the process of filmmaking from a position of love. We suggest that speaking about cinema from a position of “love” emphasises on the quality of the relationships that generated the film, rather than on its technology or the market.

The 10th RPFF will take place from 27 - 30 April 2023

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Carlo A. Cubero, PhD Department of Social & Cultural Anthropology

School of Humanities 5 Uus Sadama #314 Tallinn, Estonia 10120 Riga Pasaules Film Festival

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