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A Visual Ethnographer post announcement

Hello, everyone,

I'm posting a job announcement on behalf of Mateu Font i Mugnaini:

for a "Visual Ethnographer position in the ERC-funded project FOODCIRCUITS: Hidden Connections Between Migrants and Societies, based at the Universitat de Barcelona and led by Professor Seth M. Holmes (PhD, MD). We are looking for a new member of our research team who has experience in visual / multimodal / sensory ethnography. We are especially interested in people with filmmaking experience, but will be happy to consider other forms of visual / multimodal / sensory ethnographic practices and forms. FOODCIRCUITS is an ethnographic project focused on the social and embodied connections between migrants and the societies of which they form part, as well as how these connections become invisibilised. The project will follow the people who interact with specific fruit and vegetables in three food circuits (specifically, German asparagus, Spanish orange and California strawberry) to investigate the embodied experiences of migrant farm labourers, supply chain workers and consumers. We are looking for a visual / sensory / multimodal ethnographer to conduct visual ethnography (ideally videography / film, although we are also open to photography, or other form of multi-modal / sensory ethnography the candidates propose) during a period of 3 years with the aim of making visible the connections between migrants and the societies of which they form part via food circuits or exploring the dynamics of visibility / invisibility. This position is open to a researcher with a PhD or a Masters in visual anthropology, visual sociology, anthropology, sociology or related field. We seek someone with experience in visual / sensory / multimodal ethnography. In addition, each researcher of the team will have the opportunity to spend time as a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley. []

Best wishes Angela

Angela Torresan (she/her)

Lecturer in Visual Anthropology

Masters in Visual Anthropology Programme Director

Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology

University of Manchester

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