Networks: Visual Anthropology Network

Network convenors

Michaela Schäuble
Angela Torresan
Paolo Favero

The popular Vaneasa mailinglist now has a feed here on the Vaneasa homepage. Browse the latest posts to the right or click on the link above to suscribe.

Vaneasa now publishes AnthroVision - an electronic online journal dealing with visual anthropology. We have created this platformto give an opportunity to colleagues from interdisciplinary background to publish articles including audiovisual material and to promote innovative ways of writing within an academic framework.

Vaneasa wants to inform about teaching possibilities in Visual Anthropology in Europe. Please submit up-to-date information using the information sheet.

The Visual Anthropology Network of the European Association of Social Anthropologists was established at a meeting attended by 15 EASA members at the 1996 Conference in Barcelona. Subsequently a planning meeting was held at which the interests, organisational structure, communications system, and immediate activities of the network were agreed and set out.

The Network aims to cover all aspects of Visual Anthropology; networking is fundamental to our activities, and thus there is a VANEASA mailing list. The Network makes significant contributions to the EASA Conferences, and additionally organises separate workshops.

The network is managed by a committee of EASA members.

NEWS in Visual Anthropology

The Nordic Anthropological Film Association (NAFA) and the Commission on Visual Anthropology (CVA) are publishing a joint newsletter. If you want to receive the newsletter or if you want to put some news in the newsletter, please contact:
NAFA: Anne-Mette Joergensen (annemj(AT) or Berit Madsen (beritmadsen(AT)
CVA: Metje Postma ()

Find older issues of the newsletter on the NAFA website.